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Owner and founder of CORE, Ash has dedicated his professional life to providing the highest level of service possible. His talent, experience and creativity run very deep and he absolutely LOVES what he does. 

Over 20 years in the videography field gives him that critical eye necessary for every project that crosses his desk. In the field, he has a singular focus and through honest collaboration always making sure that each client's vision is clearly and visibly understood.

Contact CORE today and ask for Ash. When you do, you'll immediately get a sense of the sincere man that he is and know that you're in good and capable hands. 

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Producer and Collaborator at CORE, Doug has a keen eye for detail and the ability to connect with each client and the message they want to impart. He almost immediately gets to the heart of each project.

With over 20 years of experience in the photography and marketing fields, he also LOVES what he does. Doug has worked very closely with Ash for 15 years and they share the same values and dedication to every project they are involved with. 

When you contact CORE and speak with Doug, you'll immediately know that your time will be well spent and your creative vision will be understood.